write.as engagement

I love write.as

Not only is it everything I wanted from a personal blog / publishing tool; it is so much more than that. It is also a community of writers and creators.

On read.write.as I've already stumbled upon interesting and enjoyable reads I never would have seen otherwise. I can browse and follow blogs on the #fediverse or through #RSS.

One thing that I immediately wanted to do though, was provide a way for ppl to engage (and similarly engage with authors whose work I am interested in). Just heard about remark.as which is currently being developed and I'm excited about.

But there is also a simple tool already available to us: links to fediverse posts :)

So here is my proposed convention (and something I'm going to do myself). As the last line of write.as posts, I will include a fediverse link. Please know it'll take a sec between when post is live and link is included (lil catch-22 there :) Also this is my personal fedi account since the federation account via write.as is not hosted, thus doesn't contain a shareable link.

Hope this is a useful way to make space for engagement if that's what authors want. Lol, obv not so much with the anonymous posts

Thoughts, comments? Fediverse comment link