Please note that this video contains textual mention of an asylum seeker fleeing horrible violence, domestic abuse, sexual assault, etc. It also tells a piece of one particular story about family separation and immigrant detention. This is Nilda's experience:

Here's a link to video if you have issues with the above embed

A colleague of mine shared the above video on our work chat. As much as our government tries to dehumanize these asylees – we know that each and every human seeking refuge in the United States or elsewhere has a unique and urgent story...

Despite the US's long history of turning away refugees, asylum is a human right under international law. These rights are sacred for a reason. They are for those fearing for their life, for their children's safety, trying desperately to keep food on the table and just live. This is why we fight.

Support asylum seekers.
Support organizations supporting asylum seekers. Until all of us are free, none of us are free.

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